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School Meditation

In 2014, Mission Australia’s 13th National Youth Survey, reported ‘coping with stress’ as the issue of greatest personal concern for Australian’s aged 15-19, with more 1 in 3 respondents expressing high levels of concern.

Young people of today are not immune to the stress of a busy technology-dependent life, increasing school work demands, high expectations, not to mention the emotional and social pressures from family life and peers. Students are probably are more in need of mindfulness meditation than any previous generation.

Many schools and universities worldwide have already implemented mindfulness meditation into their curriculums, as the significant improvements in focus and concentration, academic scores and overall wellbeing are being seen first hand.

Meditation and Mindfulness involves the practice of simple, scientifically proven, non-religious techniques that when practiced regularly can reduce stress and increase work productivity.

Meditation has been found to be an effective and natural means to:

  • Calm the mind

  • Dissolve unhelpful thoughts

  • Reduce stress, anxiety & depression

  • Enhance mental clarity & focus

  • Increase work productivity

  • Develop full creative potential

  • Develop awareness

  • Reduce reactive behaviour

  • Accelerate self-esteem

  • Increase happiness & content

  • Boost immune system

  • Improve overall wellbeing

Revive Holistic Health is passionate about helping students implement mindfulness and meditation practice. We come to your school, aim to instill invaluable tools and life skills to help combat destructive stress and provide young people with a positive coping strategy to use at school, home, socially and in all other areas in their life, throughout their life. The earlier these techniques are learned and practiced, the greater the impact on their wellbeing.

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Meditation Session Information

  • Supports male and female students years 7 to 12
  • Single workshops or multisession programs
  • Tailored to suit your school
  • Every session interactive and engaging
  • Mixture of theory and practical elements
  • Suited to all all learning styles & current curriculum
  • Time for questions and discussion
  • Practical notes provided to promote self-led practice


To discuss a program that will best suit the needs of your school please contact Leanne for an obligation-free chat on 0410 352 263 or email Leanne at [email protected]

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