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Access Consciousness Bars Testimonials

“I really didn’t know what to expect, but having my Bars run with Leanne has been amazing! Each time the experience has felt different, but I have definitely felt a positive, and sometimes even profound, shift shortly after all my sessions. Leanne is a professional, genuine and experienced and I highly recommend the Access Bars session – it’s really quite incredible!”


Ashburton, VIC

“Not knowing what to expect from the Access Bars Session, I went in with an open mind. I found the session to be deeply relaxing, where I entered a meditative sate. The following days after my session I experienced some significant shifts where my mind felt clearer more open and more focused too! Leanne, as always was highly reassuring, calming and professional. Whilst I understand that everyone ‘s experience is unique, I highly recommend anyone to give the Access Bars a go – it really is quite extraordinary”


Torquay, VIC

“I have had the pleasure if being a client of Leanne’s for the past ten years. It started out with massage, facials and now Access healing. Leanne’s massages have been both relaxing and therapeutic to relieve pain and tightness leaving me walking away feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The Access healing are truly remarkable, allowing the removal of subconscious blocks, miracles to appear and leaving me not walking but floating away! I would thoroughly recommend Leanne for all of your needs, to release stress and become the best version of yourself. She is a gift to this world.” Lots of Love

Melonie Taylor

Success on Purpose

“Since Starting the Access bars sessions I have never felt lighter or clearer. I tend to listen more, and have become less reactive and more proactive with my thoughts and reactions. Thanks Leanne.”


Doncaster, VIC

Massage Testimonials

” That was the best massage I’ve had in ages, 10 out of 10! I’m very grateful to you for that!”


visting Torquay from NT

“Omg, that’s the best massage Ive ever had! Nobody has ever got into my neck and shoulder like that before, my headache is totally gone”


Goulburn Valley, VIC

“Leanne’s message is simple to provide her customers with a “holistic and professional treatment. She certainly achieves this – Leanne has an innate ability to assess, heal and provide the BEST remedial massage. Having had massages for over 20 years, I have never experienced such a massage and importantly felt so revived afterwards. Leanne is a true professional and I value the relationship we have established.”

A. Rowe

Surrey Hills, Vic

“I really look forward to seeing Leanne because she makes me feel calm and relaxed. She takes the time to get to know me and pays extra attention to my problem areas, so that I always come out feeling a million bucks!”

G McCormack


“Leanne was recommended to me by a good friend and I have been seeing her for over a year for remedial massage. Leanne is always professional and has a friendly and caring nature that makes you feel at ease right from the beginning of the session. I really appreciate that she always takes the time to listen to my concerns and is able to tailor the treatments to my needs. Her experience and knowledge make her a very intuitive therapist which is why I recommend her to all my friends – there is nothing worse than a massage therapist that ‘misses’ all the spots/tight/knots/etc. Leanne has helped to improve my lower back pain and tight shoulders, and I consider her remedial massage essential for my optimum health and fitness.”

E. Hayhoe


“Leanne has helped to keep my back strong and healthy over the last two years. I had partially slipped a disc in my lower back several years ago and have since required pain killers and anti-inflammatories to manage. Leanne’s remedial massage has helped reduce that need and more importantly increased my freedom of movement and confidence in my back.”

G. Aroozoo


“I highly recommend Leanne Rowbottom as a highly- skilled Professional in Remedial Massage. Her ability to source out the muscular problems and then apply appropriate massage techniques is truly a gift and relief. I have been able to move more freely without pain and, as a result experience, experience greater vitality and renewed energy. Having completed an eight week Nutritional Program which took into account specific food allergies, exercise and programmed weight loss, I am extremely happy with my results. Leanne’s ability to focus on areas of adjustment and change to my eating patterns has been essential to my ability to keep motivated and achieving my goals. These past weeks have been life-changing times and it is with gratitude to Leanne for her assistance, guidance and encourangement that I have managed appropriate “brain-changes” for a much better healthy way of life.”

M. Broadbent

Hampton, Vic

“Leanne, not only is the massage helpful and relieves stress and sore points, but your attitude is most accommodating in that I have an incredibly busy lifestyle being called away regularly, and you always help me out regarding availability.”

P. Chan

South Yarra, Vic

“Leanne, your ability to sympathetically understand what the problem is and determine what is required to treat me is impeccable. You’re kind and good nature, along with your professional approach in providing a well structured session at such a high standard allows me to feel positively relaxed knowing I am in good hands! Thanks for your amazing remedial massage treatments that help to relax and restore my over-trained body, but more importantly, your support and advice to maintain it.”

P. Orrico

Kew, Vic

Corporate Meditation Testimonials

“Like many professional financial services firms, the Kearney Group was looking for a way to help our people still their minds, improve their focus and manage their stress. So we engaged Leanne of Revive Holistic Heath to teach our team about mindfulness meditation. Her guided sessions quickly became a refuge hour of calm and peace in the midst of our busy weeks. Like anything skill, the ability to meditate gets better with practice but we were pleasantly surprised by how many people said they found Leanne’s sessions were immediately beneficial. She is full of patience and generosity, and an uncanny ability know exactly when our wandering minds would disappear to grocery shopping lists and all those emails awaiting response. We’d highly recommend Leanne’s corporate meditation sessions to anyone who is looking to give a little “extra” to their team, and help them learn to better manage stress and improve focus and productivity.”

Annie Lewis

HR Manager, Kearney Group Financial Services

“The principles taught through meditation not only develop skills that help us to relax but teach us how to work through stressful situations and improve concentration. This is particularly beneficial for a workplace with diverse personalities.”


Office Manager , Carew Counsel

“Leanne’s corporate meditation / mindfulness has been very empowering. There are many parallels between focus in business and mindfulness. The benefit I believe has been employees experiencing greater clarity of thought, ability to focus, feeling refreshed and ultimately, being more productive. This is something every business should do where they care about their employees’ wellbeing and at the same time are wanting to help them be most effective in their roles.

Leanne is a joy to deal with, she has a professional but calming focussed approach. I love the way she backs the concepts with scientific facts making it work really well for business professionals.”

Jen Purnell

Business & People Development Manager, Kearney Group Financial Services

“Our office meditation sessions are a relaxing break in our day. Techniques that Leanne has taught us in the sessions are useful not just during the session but in day to day life. I use them just to make myself stop and take a minute to regroup. The definitely contribute to a work/life balance.”

Keleigh Robinson

Family Lawyer, Accredited Family Law Specialist

“Leanne has been teaching meditation at Carew Counsel since April 2014 and I have loved the experience. Learning to understand that other people have interesting points of view avoids a good deal of confrontation and waking up every morning and understanding what I am grateful for has left me in a positive and happy state of mind day after day. I enjoy the quiet time in the room with everyone else and I return to work after all the sessions reinvigorated and happy. I have noticed a significant change for the better in my staff, with greater work productivity and an overall lowered level of stress in the office. I have already recommended Leanne and meditation to my friends and colleagues.”

Peter Carew

Director, Accredited Family Law Specialist

Conference Testimonials

“I attended a legal conference in Hobart and one of the sessions was meditation led by Leane Rowbottom of Revive. There was a cross section of ages and I think everyone got great value out of the session and certainly expressed their enthusiasm for Leanne as both a speaker and for leading us through a meditation. The fact that we could do it in our seats as set up for the other sessions made it easy and I would highly recommend Leanne and her meditation session to anyone who cares about the mental health and well-being of their colleagues. I certainly learnt some strategies for avoiding stress that I can take back to every day at the office.”

Peter Carew

Director, Accredited Family Law Specialist

“Conferences can be exhausting, they are often long days with overwhelming amounts of new information. A mid conference meditation session lead by Leanne was the perfect way for the group to refocus and be open to taking in new information. Leanne is a professional and her informative session at the Law Australasia conference catered for all personalities. Leanne presented the right combination of information and technique that allowed everyone to be involved.”

Danielle Eve Carew

Practice Manager

School Meditation Testimonials

“Leanne’s 2 hour session with our Year 8 students saw her implement a dynamic structure including experiments, activities, theory that covered a number of mindfulness concepts, and of course plenty of formal meditation practice. The girls participated earnestly and found the content not only valuable and relevant, but also fun and easy to integrate into their daily lives. I highly recommend Leanne; she is professional, knowledgeable and an engaging speaker. Her content was meaningful and both students and their parents responded positively to the program.”

Year 8 Coordinator Feedback Strathcona

Baptist Girls Grammar School

“Leanne and the other lady taught us that being calm and stopping to take time to be with your own thoughts are really important for your wellbeing.”


“If you don’t learn to be calm and relaxed, you might get depression and no one wants that.”


“I enjoyed Leanne’s session because sometimes teachers forget how stressed we are and how much work they give us to do.”


“The girls were responsive to Leanne’s lecture and followed interesting instructions that showed them on different levels that mindfulness is a worthwhile activity and something worth integrating into their lives on a daily basis.”


“I find it really hard to sit still, especially at school but this was good practice for learning to switch your brain off for some rest without going to sleep.”


“The marshmallow activity proved to me that we do so much in the day – like eating – that we don’t notice. It’s nice to stop and notice things sometimes. I didn’t realize marshmallows tasted so nice!”


“I liked learing about mindfulness from Leanne last week. Mindfulness takes out all the busy thoughts in your head.”


“I hope we can do more mindfulness in Year 9.”


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