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1:1 Food Freedom Coaching with Leanne Rowbottom

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Start finding your own freedom with food today!

Food Freedom

Break free from emotional overeating and binge eating to get healthy and have more energy. Learn how to make peace with food, love your body, find freedom and start living your life!

Access Consciousness

Accelerate your body freedom! Instantly declutter your mind, relieve stress, clear blocked emotions and old trauma, increase energy levels, and create change in any area of your life.

Helping you find body freedom with personalised 1:1 and group coaching

Feel like it’s time to make a change, but you can’t seem to find a way?

Believe me, I have been there. It can feel so frustrating and isolating when you are stuck in a vicious cycle of body judgement, dieting and bingeing, or constantly overeating when you know it’s not making you feel good. I know what it’s like to battle along on your own, too afraid and ashamed to share your personal struggle or seek professional support. 

But have you ever dreamed about waking up in the morning feeling happy and grateful for your body and not obsessed about what you are going to eat, or not eat?

Imagine being able to enjoy the pleasure of food, whilst honouring your body, WITHOUT losing control or gaining weight?

How good would it be to completely enjoy fun on the beach this summer, and not even think about what your body looks like?

 Yes it IS possible, and this IS easier than you think – all without dieting or depriving yourself, so you can still enjoy your life.

The reason you are currently feeling ‘stuck’ is because your brain is currently wired to binge. So it’s about breaking the habit of overeating and changing your MINDSET, not diet and exercise.

My 12 Weeks to Food Freedom is all about mindset, rewiring your brain to health, and developing a healthy relationship with food and your body. Honouring your body will become your natural way of being, and your body shape may change as a result of that. 

What is the 12 Weeks to Body Freedom Program?

A science-based, tried and tested formula via weekly 60 minute Zoom sessions with me, personalised and tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Includes VIP access to me Monday- Friday, and lifetime membership to my Revive Body Freedom private Facebook group for daily motivation and support.

A unique combination of an eating psychology assessment, nutrition education, Access Consciousness tools, mindfulness practices and brain science methods.

1 on 1 support with me every step of the way to break free from emotional overeating and binge eating, to release excess weight (if you truly have excess weight to lose) and find body freedom

Together we break destructive eating habits and rewire your brain to health, then work holistically to correct physiological mechanisms, and shift the emotional blocks and subconscious limiting beliefs that are driving you to overeat.

You will learn how to honour and nourish your body, and receive a meal plan plus extra meal ideas to boost your metabolism

I will guide you through personal development exercises to make peace with food, break the 'all or nothing’ mentality, and banish the hold of forbidden foods forever

Learn new healthy routines for managing stress, practicing self-compassion, body love, and implementing self-care routines that will develop your sense of self-worth so that you KNOW how beautiful and important YOU are

I cannot wait to work with you and watch you find your own body freedom! xx

How Do I know If The Program is Right For Me?

My 12 weeks to Food Freedom program is for you if you are done with dieting, you have ‘tried everything’, nothing has worked, and you are confused about what to eat or where to turn.

You understand this is not a weight loss diet, you’re not after another quick fix, and accept that it takes TIME to rewire the brain to LONG TERM health.

You are ready to work with me to look within, let go of anything holding you back and change your mindset on a deeper level.

You are ready to focus on your health, learn how to honour your body, enjoy the pleasure of food again WITHOUT the guilt or losing control, and have more fun, energy and vitality than you’ve had in years! I am so passionate about what I do, and I would love to work with you and hold your hand if you are ready!

You are ready to commit to YOU, your health, and your life

You are prepared that this is a process that takes TIME, and you are accept that this is not another quick fix weight loss diet

You are ready to work with me to look within and change your mindset. Once the mind changes, the body follows

You are ready to let go of judgements and limiting beliefs that are holding you back

You are ready to boost your self-confidence, energy and vitality

You can’t wait to make peace with food and enjoy eating again

You are ready to start loving your body and enjoying your life

My Approach

 My holistic and evidence-based approach was born from years of nutrition consulting, my own personal recovery from binge eating and bulimia using largely alternative methods, and further research into eating psychology and the brain science behind binge eating. 

The good news is that that binge eating is just a habit that can be broken by rewiring your brain, without having to heal everything in your life first! 

However, I do believe true lasting health and happiness requires a shift in mindset by building self-worth, learning self-compassion, practicing self-care, as well as initially breaking the destructive habits that are not serving you.

I apply a unique combination of an eating psychology assessment, nutrition education, Access Consciousness healing tools, mindfulness practices and brain science methods. I work holistically with you to address the  physiological mechanisms and shift the emotional blocks and subconscious limiting beliefs that are driving you to overeat.  Once the habit is broken your body may change.  

How It Works

1. Book a Free 1:1 Chat

Book a free, no-obligation chat with me to share your personal struggles and learn more about body freedom. Your healing starts with sharing, and I am here to support you every step of the way. There is no-obligation, but if you would like to get started we do it here over the phone!


2. Choose 12 Weeks to Body Freedom

Sign up with me over the phone to learn how to break free from emotional overeating, binge eating and lose weight, without dieting. Learn how to make peace with food, love your body and find your own body freedom, for good!

3. Find Your Own Body Freedom

Feel what it’s like to be free from binge eating and enjoy food without guilt, shame and anxiety! Feel what it’s like to be confident in your body so you can finally feel free, wear the clothes you want, and truly start stepping into your power and enjoying your life!

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