Body Freedom

I have heroed the term ‘Body Freedom’ in Australia as an umbrella term encompassing the achievement of body attunement, body love and intuitive eating for all women.

‘Body Freedom’ to Me Means: 

  • Being free from emotional eating, overeating and binge eating
  • Feeling positive about how your body looks, but having more of a focus on health and how your body feels
  • Feeling free with food – eating without anxiety, judgement, shame or guilt
  • Eating in a way that honours your nutritional, social & emotional  needs

And for those who truly have excess weight to be released, body freedom to me also means achieving the healthy body you desire WITHOUT dieting or restriction, but rather honouring your body’s needs.


I’ve conquered my own lengthy journey with disordered eating and have seen the disease in relation to food and bodies in many of my nutrition clients. This inspired me to craft a science-based ‘7 Steps to Body Freedom’ Program to help women achieve ‘Body Freedom.’

I’ve also incorporated my experience as a holistic practitioner to ensure a 360 degree approach to guarantee transformation.

In the last few years this program has evolved into a comprehensive 12 week online 1:1 facilitated program where you can work directly with me in a safe and confidential space. I am so excited to be offering a special 3 week ISO intro course to you all to help kick start your journey” 

“Have you ever dreamed about waking up in the morning feeling happy and grateful for your body? Imagine being able to completely enjoy the beach with the company you are in, the sun and the sand and not even thinking about what your body looks like? What would it feel like to look in the mirror and GENUINELY accept and embrace what you see?!

Yes, this IS possible, and it IS easier than you think – and all without dieting or restricting yourself, so you can actually just enjoy food without anxiety or guilt and simply live your life.”

12 Weeks to Body Freedom


  • LEARN the brain science behind impulsive & comfort eating and know it’s not the real you!
  • MAKE PEACE with forbidden foods and give yourself unconditional permission to enjoy eating
  • REPROGRAM your brain to health, ease & joy with food
  • EMPOWER yourself with pragmatic tools for self-compassion, self-care and honouring your body
  • Learn how to NOURISH your body instead of judging & punishing
  • Learn how to EMBRACE your body to create positive change
  • Find FREEDOM with your body and food, forever!






My 12 Weeks to Body Freedom is a science-based formula that has been developed from years of neuroscience and eating psychology research and consulting as a nutritionist for 15 years. Not only has this formula been tried and tested and worked not only on myself, but has also changed the lives of hundreds of clients. Your Body Freedom program will be personalised and tailored to your specific needs and goals. 

I will be supporting you 1:1 every step of the way to break free from emotional overeating and binge eating, to release excess weight (if you truly have excess weight to lose) and find body freedom. Through managing stress, developing self awareness, incorporating the principles of intuitive eating, performing the strategies to break the habit of binge eating, reprogramming your belief systems around yourself food and your body, and evolving your skills of self-compassion and body gratitude, we will work together to find freedom with food and your body forever!

I cannot wait to share this with you and watch you find your own freedom.

The 7 steps to Body Freedom course has absolutely changed my life. I previously placed so much of my worth in how my body looked and would loath myself when I put on weight. I was completely out of sync with how to nourish my body where I am now accepting of my body and am learning to listen to its queues. I am forever thankful I found out about this course. Leanne, you should offer a diploma at the end, I feel I learned so much! Thank you!!


July 2020

12 Weeks to Body Freedom

Shift physiological and emotional blocks and subconscious limiting beliefs to achieve the ultimate goal of body freedom through energy healing and verbal facilitation.

Be individually coached on your journey of personal awareness and growth in a life changing journey with Leanne Rowbottom, experienced holistic health practitioner, nutritionist and recovered disordered eater.

Learn the brain science behind eating patterns and more importantly be professionally assessed on your own eating psychology. Research shows it takes 90 days to implement lasting change. This ‘deep dive’ personalised coaching program is the answer to real long term results of loving the body your in + body attunement + intuitive eating = Body Freedom.

“I am so passionate about helping women break free from emotional eating, overeating and binge eating, and lose weight for good (if you are truly in a position to release excess weight).

I will teach you how to develop trust in the creative intelligence of your body and its hunger and fullness cues. You will have a new awareness to your negative self-talk around yourself, food and your body to show you what’s REALLY making you comfort eat or punish yourself with food.

You will discover your emotional triggers, how to manage your emotions and stress levels without food.  It would be my honour to support you through the necessary processes and personal development to create long lasting freedom and ease around food and your body, and finally live the life you want!”

Body Freedom Taster Session


One 90 minute session specifically designed to create a change in mindset around food and your body. By using powerful energy work through Access Consciousness Bars, you will feel a difference after just one session through clearing subconscious blocks that are currently limiting you.

Available in Torquay and Melbourne in person by appointment, or anywhere in the world online! Please get in touch now to book yourself in.

Feel free to send me a txt on 0410 352 263 for any questions or to book your spot. Leanne xx

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