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Check out Leanne’s personal Body Freedom story here on Channel 9’s Destination Happiness in 2019:

Have you ever dreamed about waking up in the morning feeling happy and grateful for your body? Imagine being able to completely enjoy the beach with the company you are in, the sun and the sand and not even thinking about what your body looks like? What would it feel like to look in the mirror and GENUINELY accept and embrace what you see?! Yes, this IS possible, and it IS easier than you think – AND all without dieting or restricting yourself, so you can actually just enjoy food without anxiety or guilt and simply live your life!!

As an experienced and passionate nutritionist, and after my own long battle with disordered eating I not only understand the horrid struggle with sugar cravings, gut health problems, emotional eating, the binge-diet cycle, and bulimia, but I also know the tried and tested 7 Steps To Body Freedom that can break this vicious cycle FOR GOOD. I didn’t have the knowledge or tools for an effective recovery for so many years, so after my long struggle and helping so many other women become free with food and their bodies, I am greatly honoured to be able to share them with you now too.

I cannot wait to share all of this with you, and watch you finally break free to find your own body freedom. Xx

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 Knowledge is power!

  • Learn the brain science behind impulsive & comfort eating

  • RECONDITION your brain to health, ease & joy with food

  • Learn how to EMPOWER & care for yourself using pragmatic tools

  • Learn how to NOURISH instead of judging & punishing
  • Learn how to EMBRACE your body to create positive change
  • Find FREEDOM with your body and food, forever!

My 7 Steps to Body Freedom is a science-based formula that has been tried and tested over many years consulting as a nutritionist. Not only do they work on myself, but have also changed the lives of hundreds of clients. Through incorporating the tools of self-compassion, body awareness and gratitude within the 7 Steps, we will work together to find freedom with food and your body forever!

I cannot wait to share this with you and watch you find your own freedom. Xx

Being part of the 7 steps workshop has brought me a sense of ease and hope by letting go of dieting contracts and judgement. I look forward to implementing the 7 steps in my life.

Anna, September 2019

Option 1: 7 Steps to Body Freedom | Online Course
7 steps to Body Freedom online course is designed to create real, permanent long lasting change over a 7 week period, which includes support in implementing the steps into your life.


Next course starts in 2020. Please contact for dates

7 x weekly 60min live group coaching through Zoom.
You will learn one of the 7 Steps each week, and be carefully guided through exercises to change your mindset, then have time over the week to process and apply it before learning the next step. You will be nurtured and supported with lots of practical tools and tips for long-term implementation into your life.  You will have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like, and together we will identifying and workshop any potential blocks or lifestyle concerns.
BONUS: Lifetime free access to the Facebook “Revive Sisterhood” private group where you can post your questions and engage with Leanne from Revive and a group of like-minded women for ongoing support.
Next course TBA in 2020 – please register your interest now and we will be in touch with more information.
Options 2: 7 Steps to Body Freedom | Workshop

This workshop is a great introduction to finally get started on your own journey to more happiness within yourself.

For extra personalised support to truly implementing each of the steps into your unique life for good, we recommend our 7 week online course or one-on-one online coaching.

Next date 2020. TBA

5 hour workshop jam-packed with the 7 Steps to Body Freedom and all the information you need to understand why you are currently consumed by body and food-focussed thoughts, and some basic tools to start healing.

The workshop will cover the science behind self-sabotaging eating behaviours in a very easy to understand way including practical real life examples, tips and tricks. I will show you how to work WITH your body and what it needs, rather than fighting against it. You will learn how to be kind to yourself, embrace the body you are in, and how to nourish yourself adequately for optimal vitality and to create a sense freedom with your body, forever.

Option 3: 7 Steps to Body Freedom | One-on-One

This personalised coaching is currently available in Melbourne and Torquay. I will personally coach you through the 7 steps in 7 weekly 60min sessions. We will combine 7 steps coaching with powerful Access Consciousness facilitation to clear subconscious blocks and create freedom and ease around food and your body.

Available by appointment, contact me now ph. 0410 352 263

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Body Freedom Taster Session | One-on-One

One 90 minute session specifically designed to create a change in mindset around food and your body. By using powerful energy work through Access Consciousness Bars, you will feel a difference after just one session through clearing subconscious blocks that are currently limiting you.

Available in Torquay and Melbourne in person by appointment, or anywhere in the world online! Please get in touch now to book yourself in.

Feel free to send me a txt on 0410 352 263 for any questions or to book your spot. Leanne xx