I’m Leanne Rowbottom


Body Freedom Coach & Nutritionist

Helping you Break Free from Binge Eating & Lose Weight WITHOUT Dieting

12 Weeks to Body Freedom

Work 1:1 with me online to break free from emotional overeating, binge eating and lose weight, all without dieting or restriction. Learn how to love your body, make peace with food, and find your own body freedom, for good!

Body Freedom

Break free from emotional overeating and binge eating to lose weight – all without dieting. Learn how to make peace with food, love the skin you’re in and find your own body freedom!

Access Consciousness

Accelerate your journey to body freedom! Instantly declutter your mind, relieve stress, clear old trauma, increase energy levels, create change in any area of your life, and achieve body freedom!

Massage Therapy

De-stress and relieve musculoskeletal conditions via remedial massage- private health rebates apply. Also relaxation, pregnancy, sports, deep tissue and trigger point therapy, and aromatherapy.

What Is Body Freedom?


Body freedom to me means being free from emotional overeating and binge eating, appreciating your unique body and feeling positive about how it looks. It’s also feeling free from anxiety, shame or guilt with food, and instead eating with pleasure whilst nourishing and honouring your body’s needs. 

 Body Freedom encompasses body love and acceptance, and the achievement of conscious eating. It involves learning how to tune in to your body’s internal cues to know what, when and how to eat, instead of listening external cues from the diet industry that cuts off your awareness and erodes the trust you have in your body.

 This new ‘body freedom’ way of being is truly supportive and nourishing to your whole self, as it considers your social, emotional, and nutritional needs, allowing you to enjoy a full and happy life, AND have the body you want!

Who Is The Body Freedom Program For?

Our 12 weeks to Body Freedom online program by Revive Holistic Health is for you if you are battling with emotional over eating and binge eating, maybe gained excess weight, and are feeling frustrated, hopeless, or confused about what to eat. You may have tried every diet under the sun, and nothing has worked. OR, you’ve never been on a diet in your life but can’t seem to stop ‘picking’ and overeating.

You may struggle with body image, low self-esteem and general negative self-talk, or consumed by food-focussed thoughts. Maybe you put others before yourself, leaving little time for your own health, only to be left exhausted and stuck in a vicious cycle of food cravings, mood swings, hormonal imbalance, digestive problems, poor sleep, fatigue, anxiety, depression, or other health problems.

My program is for you if you are ready to finally break free from the control of food, and new self-confidence, and finally find freedom with food and your body, for good!


What Is The Program Like?

 My 12 Weeks to Body Freedom online program is 1:1 personalised coaching with me each week via a 60 min Zoom session, as well as additional private group support and personal VIP access to me Monday to Friday. It is specifically tailored to you, your unique food and body challenges, your lifestyle, medical history, and much more.

I support you every step of the way using a science-based but multi-layered holistic approach to make sure you break free from emotional overeating and binge eating to lose weight, for the long term. Together we address nutritional and physiological imbalances, clear judgements and emotional triggers, and shift subconscious limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

We work at your pace, and spend the necessary time on specific areas that require extra development or attention. We work closely together to overcome life’s obstacles, and implement new healthy habits for long term weight loss, health and vitality. Your program is whole life transformation, if you so choose.


1. Learn the brain science, emotional triggers and physiological mechanisms that are driving you to overeat and how to easily correct them

2. Learn how to BREAK THE HABIT of emotional overeating and binge eating to lose weight, for good!

3. REWIRE your brain to health, ease and joy with food and your body

4. INGRAIN new healthy routines to achieve the healthy body you want, for the long term

5. MAKE PEACE with your forbidden foods and give yourself permission to enjoy eating

6. Learn how to NOURISH your body adequately instead of judging and punishing it

7. EMBRACE your unique body to create positive change and enjoy life again

8. Find FREEDOM with food and your body, forever!

About Me

I am a qualified and experienced nutritionist, graduating from a BSc. Nutrition & Food Science at Curtin University of Technology, WA, in 2004. I am also the body freedom founder and coach, an Access Consciousness Bars and ESSE facilitator, qualified mindfulness and meditation teacher, and also reiki healer and remedial massage therapist. I have been a holistic practitioner for over 20 years, with 10 years in energy healing and 15 years consulting in nutrition, and now body freedom.

I am also owner and founder of Revive Holistic Health since 2010, expert panelist, corporate speaker, corporate meditation and body freedom speaker, and I operate my own body freedom workshops and Sisterhood Wellness Retreats.
I have both clinical and personal experience with nutrition and disordered eating, recovering from my own eating disorder many years ago.

My values are very much around health – nourishment of the body, healing of the soul, and personal development of the mind in order to live a healthy and happy life. I value work-life balance, self-care, non-judgement, vulnerability, confidentiality, honesty, integrity and creating a safe space for my clients to open up and heal.

My work is all science-based as I am committed to creating successful client outcomes, and helping you break free from emotional overeating and binge eating to lose weight, for good.

My empathetic and down to earth nature allows me to connect with you on a deeper level in a warm and personable way. I am so passionate about supporting you to correct physiological mechanisms, emotional barriers and belief systems to change your mindset and rewire your brain to body freedom, just like I did! xx

I have Featured in: 

►Guest on Talking Youth Podcast
►Channel 9 Destination Happiness TV segment
►Law Australasia Conference 2014, Hobart, Tasmania – speaker on mindfulness in law
►Guest panelist with eating disorder specialist Dr. Merrin Wake on supporting parents with youth eating disorders


“The 12 Weeks to Body Freedom program has absolutely changed my life. I previously placed so much of my worth in how my body looked and would loath myself when I put on weight. I was completely out of sync with how to nourish my body where I am now accepting of my body and am learning to listen to it’s queues. I am forever thankful I found out about this course. Leanne, you should offer a diploma at the end, I feel I learned so much! Thank you!!


July 2020

“At week 10 my clothes started feeling loose and it just happened without me even thinking about weight loss”


November 2020

“I’m so excited! I’ve completely stopped emotional eating. I’m feeling so happy, and sleeping well for the first time in years. I’m waking up fresh and have energy to play with my son again, and he’s loving it!”


October 2020

“By week 9 I completely stopped binge eating after work and at night, and feel way better in my body. My clothes are much looser! I’m more calm and present when I am eating, and I’m actually tasting and enjoying food now. I didn’t buy takeaway at all last weekend for the first time in years, and enjoyed cooking amazing healthy food at home instead, which is massive for me. I am also more aware of my stress, and have kept up with the breathing everyday which has been a game-changer. I can also feel when I’m hungry and full now, as I couldn’t before”



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