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Access Conscious Bars | A real life Success Story

Access Consciousness Bar Treatment Torquay and Armadale Australia

If you have been a client of mine for a while you have probably heard me talk about Access Consciousness Bars before. I am absolutely amazed by the power of this treatment. Even though it has been around for many years now, I know that lots of people still don’t know about it – so I have decided to share some of the powerful Access Consciousness transformations for you. Let me tell you a story…

Alison is 29 years old, she has two children at school and runs a successful beauty salon in an affluent suburb of Melbourne. She is happily married, even though her and her husband don’t get to spend much time on their own – we all know what it is like. Alison is very aware and emotionally mature, which probably stems from her childhood. Alison had to grow up quickly with parents who were caught in their own life struggles (alcoholism and mental health issues). Alison rose to the occasion and has grown into a level headed woman who seems to be the glue of the family.

They one thing Alison could not control in her life seemed to be her weight. She reported emotional eating and regular yo-yo dieting, loosing and gaining the same 15-20kgs for the last 10 years. Alison was sick of it, so when a friend told her about Access Bars, she came to see me. Alison had never had any energy work i.e. reiki or anything before, but she was willing to try something new, as she could tell that diets weren’t working for her. Alison wanted to finally feel free from thinking about food and feel comfortable in her body!

When Alison arrived for her first appointment, as always for Access Bars, I got her to lie on the bed under a blanket, fully clothed and asked her what she wanted to achieve from the session. I started to run her bars, by gently touching little points or indentations (energy bars) on her head, and Alison started to open up more: She reported comfort eating during work hours as she was so busy and exhausted trying to get through every day, and it was just easy to pick up some convenient takeaway downstairs from her salon. During the session we talked about her own judgements of her body and of judgments she had taken on about her body from her mother – while I continued to run her bars. She often felt she could hear her mother’s comments as she looked at herself in the mirror. At the end of our first session Alison reported she felt a lightness and ease around the topic of her body and weight that she hadn’t experienced before. She came back the next week for a follow up appointment and mentioned that for the first time in her life she hadn’t thought about food the whole time, and had lost 3kg just in that week! She said she seemed to be only eating when she was hungry, instead of eating for pleasure and comfort only. After a couple more sessions Alison had lost another 5 kgs – without ever ‘ trying’ or restricting herself. She simply didn’t think about eating as much, as clearing all of her fixed beliefs around her body and herself had cleared the urge to comfort eat. She felt good within herself therefore no need to seek comfort! 

Alison continues to enjoy monthly Access Bars sessions to keep clearing any emotions and challenging thoughts that come up, and says it’s her favourite day of the month when she comes to see me. Alison now lives a much more relaxed life, worries less about what she looks like and is no longer obsessed with and consumed by food-focused thoughts. I love watching her and her beaming smile come in every time!

If you are interested in Access Consciousness Bars and want to make an appointment or have any questions at all, please get in touch!

Leanne xx

Couple Meditation Session

Did you know I also offer Couple Meditations? Let me take you and a special friend in your life to one of my favourite spots on the beautiful Surf Coast and show you how to let go of your busy mind and relax all while forming a closer bond with a dear friend. This is a brilliant way to start a weekend away, so you can totally let go and relax and make the most of your precious time together.
Why would I book a couples mediation?
You and your partner lead stressful lives and need a break. You have booked a weekend/holiday away at the coast and want to make the most of your time away. Or, you are lucky enough to live on the Surf Coast, and are wanting to make the most of some precious time off. You both value each other, but often find that you are so caught up with life commitments that you hardly even ‘see’ each other, let alone have a decent conversation! You want to reconnect with one another and reset your lives, and make sure you spend more time in the ‘here and now’ rather than worrying about the past or the future.
I have never meditated before, is this for me?
Yes. Anyone can be guided through meditation, and everyone can benefit. If you have never done it, you’ll be amazed by this powerful tool. It is simple, yet so effective. Learning how to still the mind also has a powerful accumulative effect that spills over into everyday life, helping you be less reactive and more calm and ‘ in the flow’ and able to cope with life’s challenges. Meditation also boosts your happy hormones serotonin and dopamine so you leave feeling light and happy with a sense of ease. I will tailor this experience to you and your partner and you will leave with simple stress management techniques to incorporate into your every day life.
I have experience meditating, will a couple meditation be for me?
Yes, as every meditation is tailored to you as an individual. I am an experienced meditation teacher in individual, group, school and corporate settings, and I can guide experienced meditators to a deep meditative state and provide value respectively to both experienced and inexperienced clients. Meditating on your own is already so powerful, but a couples or group session is even more powerful with the collective energy of the group experienced and felt by each individual. 
How long does it take?
Our Couple Meditation goes for 1 hour, leaving you plenty of time for everything else you have planned for your day.
When do you offer Couples Meditations?
I suggest Friday afternoon or Saturday morning/lunch time, so that you can reap the benefits of your calmer state of mind and greater connection with one another for the rest of the weekend.
What do I need to bring/prepare?
You just roll up to the agreed outdoor- or if it is raining/too windy and you prefer the privacy of your accommodation, then I can come to you in the Torquay/Jan Juc area. Please get in touch if you are elsewhere (I might be happy to travel to Bali for a meditation session too ;)) to see if we can work this out. Please make sure you that you wear socks and something cosy as your body temperature will drop as you start to relax, so we want to make sure you stay nice and comfortable. 
How far in advance do I have to book?
I always suggest booking 2-4 weeks in advance as popular times book out quickly, however, I do sometimes have last minute spots come up, so always feel free to send me a message via text ph. 0410 352 263 and if it is meant to be, there might just be the spot for you. I am looking forward to hearing from you!
Can I book a ‘friend meditation’ with a friend/girlfriend instead? What about a special family session?
Absolutely! I will tailor any meditation session to you and your personal circumstances and this is a great way for 2 or more girlfriends to start off their “girls trip or family vacation” and leave all the worries of the week/home behind. Shoot me a message and we can make it happen!
See you soon!
Leanne xx

5 Questions about Access Consciousness Bars


I have been offering Access Consciourness Bars sessions In Melbourne and Torquay for 5 years or so now and it is becoming my most powerful and popular service. Lots of locals from Melbourne, Geelong and the beautiful Victorian Surf Coast enjoy this treatment regularly and I would not want to live without it any more myself. Despite it’s popularity, I realise that there are still lots of questions about this energetic technique and I have answered the most frequently asked questions for all of your below.

What are Access Bars?
There are 32 bars (or indentations) on your head which each represent a different aspect of your life.

What is an Access Bar Session?
In an Access Consciousness session, I gently touch the different bars allowing them to release the electromagnetic charge on each bar. It’s kind of like releasing the emotional charge on all of these aspects of your life, along with all the judgements and fixed points of views that keep you stuck, stressed, and not choosing the amazing life you can have.

Why should I have my bars run?
An Access Consciousness Bars session is blissfully relaxing and will provide instant relief from stress and anxiety. At the very least you feel totally relaxed like you’ve had a nice massage, but best case scenario you will experience a huge shift or clearing that creates change for you, for the better. Some people report feeling totally elated and full of energy, or like they’ve had the weight of the world lifted off their shoulders. If you are feeling stuck or at a crossroads in life, it will delete your busy monkey mind, creating a clean slate from which to start creating the life you REALLY want and deserve to live. Having your Bars run opens up your willingness to receive, and the infinite choice and possibility that is available to you, that you were not aware of before.

What exactly happens in an Access Consciousness Bar session, and what do I need to do?
In a 90 min Access Bars session you lie fully clothed on your back on a warm bed, and are gently tucked in under a cosy blanket. You can close your eyes and I will sit at your head while I gently I run your bars. You can either chit chat, or we can address some specific issues using some verbal energetic clearings and processes, or simply let yourself totally let go and fall into a deep meditation. I can also guide you through a complimentary meditation at the start of the session, if you would like extra help letting go or learning how to meditate.

It sounds interesting, does it really work?
I absolutely love Access Bars and I get mine run every week, I can’t live without it now! For me personally it gives me amazing mental clarity and my creativity and work productivity goes through he roof! It takes away any pain in my body, physical exhaustion, helps me sleep well, relieves uncomfortable emotions and confusion, gives me greater self awareness, and also great clarity around big decisions. I always feel light and happy after having my Bars run, like nothing bothers me, and anything I was worried about before now seems insignificant. Sometimes I can’t even remember what it was as it has been totally cleared. Access Bars is so powerful, but do not only take my word for it – follow this link to read some of my client’s feedback after their Bars session.

To book in your session and experience this bliss or if you have any further questions, please contact me on 0410 352 263.

Leanne xx


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