Access Consciousness

Access Bars is a blissfully relaxing treatment to instantly de-clutter your mind, kind of like deleting all the old files off a computer. It facilitates change in areas of your life that haven’t been working by helping dissolve limiting thoughts and belief patterns.

An Access Bars session involves lying on your back for 90 minutes fully clothed on a comfortable massage bed. Your Access facilitator sits behind and gently touches 32 different energy points or “bars” on your head to release any blockages that are not allowing you to receive. Releasing the limiting thoughts, emotions and beliefs that have been locked in for many years suddenly allows more flow, clarity, possibility, and change. Verbal processing and practical tools to empower you may also be taught to facilitate change in a specific area you wish to address.

Many describe a Bars session like ‘having the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders’, and many experience far more profound and life-changing shifts. Each individual has a different experience, but in the very least you will leave feeling very relaxed, and like you have a ‘clean slate’ again.

Read testimonials from Revive’s Access Consciousness Clients.

The Access healings are truly remarkable, allowing the removal of subconscious blocks, miracles to appear and leaving me not walking but floating away! I would thoroughly recommend Leanne for all of your needs, to release stress and become the best version of yourself. She is a gift to this world.” Lots of Love

Melonie Taylor

An Access Bars session can help with many concerns including:

  • Anxiety, stress, depression

  • Sleep disorders

  • Health and weight

  • Relationships

  • Emotional Eating
  • Family challenges

  • Money flow

  • Business success

  • Creativity

  • Body Image


Access ESSE

Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment (ESSE) is a unique energy body work that combines Access Consciousness with gentle manipulation, using hands on techniques that target fascial tissue, connective tissue, and the energetic systems that reside throughout the entire body.
ESSE is designed to create more ease, range of movement, and a sense of flow within the energetic systems by creating change in the form and structure of the body. Verbal Access Consciousness questions and tools may be used to invite you to be in the question with whatever is going on for you in your body, and in your life. Questions diffuse judgements, fixed perceptions and conclusions that lock into our body to create pain, tension and misalignment. 
This hands-on energetic therapy can be explained as deep tissue and trigger point type work as well as energy work. The movements slow and deep. All of these techniques combined aim to deconstruct the glue of judgement throughout the body, to create change at the cellular level, all major body systems, connective tissue and fascia. 
Your facilitator will activate the ESSE energy and move intuitively to different parts of the body, using movements that are slow and deep, addressing the specific musculoskeletal needs of each individual body.


Read testimonials from Revive’s Access Consciousness Clients.

An ESSE session can help with many issues including:

  • stored emotions and judgement

  • misalignment in the body

  • musculoskeletal pain and tension
  • past trauma

  • high stress


 Access Bars/ ESSE

  • Instant Mind Declutter & Stress Relief
  • Dissolve subconscious limiting beliefs and emotional blocks
  • Reach your highest potential & create the life you want


Body Freedom

  • Improve your relationship with food
  • Embrace your body
  • Become FREE from emotional eating
  • Learn intuitive eating
  • Workshops and Retreats
  • Private sessions & Online Course 



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