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Remedial Massage

A treatment that may address muscles or joints, and specifically targets areas of pain and tension that result from poor posture, overuse, musculoskeletal injury, or high stress levels. The therapist often works deeply to release tight areas and break down adhesions (knots), using specific remedial techniques such as deep tissue strokes, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, mobilization, and stretching. This is an extremely effective treatment to relieve pain and tension, promote healing of musculoskeletal injuries, improve joint range of motion, relieve headaches and reduce stress. Remedial massage can be combined with relaxation movements to provide a more flowing and restorative treatment.

Deep Tissue Massage

This style of massage involves working on the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue to release deep-seated or long term build up of muscle tension. The strokes are focussed in the areas of pain or tension, and similar to the slow, long flowing strokes of regular massage, although the pressure is typically deeper. Deep tissue massage is particularly effective on sore necks, shoulders or the lower back where the muscles are smaller and the surrounding structures are more refined and require closer attention to detail than larger muscles groups ie. in sports massage.

Sports Massage

A style of massage that usually addresses large muscles or their tendons using long, deep, vigorous strokes, and focusses on the prevention or healing of injury. Sports massage has always be known to be applied before exercise to prepare athletes for optimal performance or afterwards to aid recovery, but is now recognized as beneficial for anyone with chronic pain, restricted movement or a chronic injury. The main aim is to increase blood flow into the muscle, remove lactic acid build up, warm and lengthen the muscle and improve it’s flexibility or range of motion. Removing toxins and keeping the muscle lengthened and relaxed helps prevent injury and improve athletic performance.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points are muscular adhesions or knots where the muscle fibers have shortened and tightened to the extent that they form a palpable nodule under the skin. These are commonly found in the neck and shoulder area. Trigger point therapy (TPT) involves the compression of these nodules, typically using a thumb or elbow, in order to release tension, increase blood flow into the nodule and promote it’s healing. It is a specific and effective treatment for tight, hard knots, but may elicit some tenderness, referred pain to another area of the body, or a local twitch response in the muscle, all of which is normal and expected. TPT is usually alternated with long and broad massage strokes to relax the area, and is commonly used as one of the many techniques during a remedial massage.

Relaxation Massage

A slow and nurturing body massage for deep relaxation, improving circulation and stimulating lymphatic flow. The massage is continuous, with the therapist using long, broad, flowing strokes and maintaining contact with the body at all times. Designed for a tired body, sluggish circulation, sore muscles and those preferring a more gentle massage. A great escape from the outside world.

Pregnancy Massage

The surge in hormones and extensive body changes during pregnancy can create extra tension on the musculoskeletal system for an expecting mother, causing body aches, cramping or swelling in particular areas, as well as emotional ups and downs. Pregnancy massage is a soothing and nurturing treatment designed to target muscle tension in these particular areas, and is a lovely way to nurture one’s self back to emotional balance from the hormonal fluctuations that may be occurring. Pregnancy massage reduces peripheral swelling, relieves muscle cramps, calms the nervous system, promotes sound sleep, increases circulation, releases endorphins and improves overall wellbeing. Pregnancy massage has also been found to help promote an easier, shorter labour, and to reduce the duration of the maternity hospital stay.

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