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We now all live in a fast-paced, technology-dependent society where our batteries can run out quicker. We don’t always have the choice to drop back our workload, get more sleep or palm the kids off to someone in order to take a break. So learning mindfulness meditation gives you the tools to ‘recharge your batteries’ anywhere, anytime you need to, so that you can cope with everything you need to do. We are pretty good at recharging our smart phone batteries everyday to make sure they perform, but what about us? Hopefully most of us would agree that we humans are far more important than our smart phones 🙂

How do I incorporate Mindfulness into my everyday Life? I recharge my batteries each day by a 20-30 min formal mindfulness practice using the body scan technique or using the breath as my point of focus. Today I sat in an upright comfortable position on a comfortable kitchen chair. I used the breath to anchor my attention. I focused on the rise and fall of my belly, and observed that my breath was long, slow and deep and coming more from my belly, rather than high up in my chest. This communicated to me that I’m pretty relaxed this morning. I noticed a few judgemental thoughts popping in during this process, that I should have gotten out of bed earlier, or that I didn’t get enough work done yesterday, but I was able to bring my attention back very quickly to my breath as soon as I noticed my mind wandering and thinking unhelpful thoughts. I’m also feeling very clear minded and productive this morning, and whipping through the content for my new Revive Holistic Health website with total ease and clarity! My physical body also feels relaxed and pain free today. How does it get any better than that?! Gee I love regular meditation.