Corporate Services

Revive Holistic Health has been supporting corporate staff and leadership teams with science-based training for over 10 years. We offer support in  stress management, mindfulness, resilience-building and ‘eating for wellness’, to name a few. We pride ourselves on our tailormade solutions for your business to ensure the optimal ROE for your team.

We understand that your business may be currently faced with the unprecedented demands of the COVID-19 outbreak, and may be interested in supporting and preparing your team online, to maintain work productivity and team morale whilst working from home. We are also currently working remotely with businesses to refine communication and leadership skills to include crisis management, and build resilience amongst all staff members.

Over the past years, there has been a strong shift towards greater care for the physical and mental wellbeing of staff, and the benefits are obvious. Optimising individual employee health not only creates better team morale and greater job satisfaction, but decreases sick days, staff turnover and therefore reduces company costs. Lowering stress has also been scientifically proven time and time again to sharpen mental acuity, resulting in higher work performance. We know how important it is for you to invest your money efficiently, and would love to have a chat to specifically tailor a program to address your company’s needs.

Revive Holistic Health’s Corporate Services, online or in person, will assist your staff and business in:

  • Reducing stress
  • Increasing work productivity
  • Reducing costs of absenteeism
  • Boosting team morale
  • Resilience-building
  • Improving leadership skills

About Leanne Rowbottom

Leanne Rowbottom, owner of Revive Holistic Health in Torquay and Armadale is well known for her professional conduct and outstanding experience in the health industry. Highly qualified in nutrition, intuitive eating, mindfulness and meditation, massage therapy and Access Consciousness, Leanne is passionate about building relationships which is why many of her clients, both personal and corporate have been working with Leanne for 10 years or more. In 2014 Leanne was invited guestspeaker at the Law Australasia conference on Mindfulness. Recently Leanne’s “7 Steps to Body Freedom” program was featured on Channel 9’s Destination Happiness wellness program.

“Leanne’s corporate meditation  has been very empowering. There are many parallels between focus in business and mindfulness. The benefit I believe has been employees experiencing greater clarity of thought, ability to focus, feeling refreshed and ultimately, being more productive. […]

Leanne is a joy to deal with, she has a professional but calming focussed approach. I love the way she backs the concepts with scientific facts making it work really well for business professionals.”

Jen P.

Business and PD Manager

Corporate Massage

Sports Massage

Revive Holistic Health offers a variety of convenient massage options to suit your company’s needs. We provide seated chair massages (10 –  20mins each) for quick and convenient sessions without removing clothing, or can provide a full, comfortable oil massage, lying face down on a massage bed for back/neck and shoulders (15 – 30mins each).
Depending on your company’s needs we can work in an open plan office (seated chair option only) or set up a calming private room (we will provide candles and music). Sessions are usually blocked half or full day.
Benefits of Corporate Massage are:
  • Relieve muscular tension
  • Lower stress
  • Increase workplace satisfaction
  • Improve client relationships
  • Reduce absenteism

Leanne’s sessions are our refuge hour of calm and peace in the midst of our busy weeks. […] we were pleasantly surprised by how many people said they found Leanne’s sessions were immediately benedicial.

Annie L

HR Manager

Access Consciousness/ ESSE

Revive is proud to offer the cutting edge, science-based services of Access Consciousness Bars and ESSE to corporate clients. The complimentary services combine powerful energy work to instantly de-clutter your mind, relieve stress, and facilitate emotional balance, deep relaxation and relief from musculus-skeletal and misalignment and pain.
The benefits of Access Bars and ESSE have been scientifically proven. Due to it’s efficiency with instant stress relief, Access has been gaining popularity over the past 30 years. We are passionate about life long learning at Revive and have been practicing Bars for 7 years and are one of the first Australians to be qualified in ESSE. If you have not heard about this treatment, but you are looking for a cutting edge and science based approach to dramatically improve well-being, please get in touch with us.
Contact Leanne via email at or 0410 352 263 to schedule a obligation free consultation today.

Corporate Meditation

In an intimate setting of up to 25 staff, I will professionally guide you through a meditation. No experience is necessary. We will start with a short explanation and the scientifically proven benefits of mindfulness and meditation. I will guide you every step of the way though the actual meditation process, which may include breathing techniques for stress management. I will also allow time at the end to share your experience, and ask any questions you may have. 
Corporate Meditation can be specifically tailored as part of a stress management package for fast paced work places.
We recommend starting off with our six week “Introduction to Mindfulness”. This allows staff to properly implement the skills over time with our support, enabling them to experience profound accumulative and lasting effect. 


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