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Access Consciousness Bar Treatment Torquay and Armadale Australia

If you have been a client of mine for a while you have probably heard me talk about Access Consciousness Bars before. I am absolutely amazed by the power of this treatment. Even though it has been around for many years now, I know that lots of people still don’t know about it – so I have decided to share some of the powerful Access Consciousness transformations for you. Let me tell you a story…

Alison is 29 years old, she has two children at school and runs a successful beauty salon in an affluent suburb of Melbourne. She is happily married, even though her and her husband don’t get to spend much time on their own – we all know what it is like. Alison is very aware and emotionally mature, which probably stems from her childhood. Alison had to grow up quickly with parents who were caught in their own life struggles (alcoholism and mental health issues). Alison rose to the occasion and has grown into a level headed woman who seems to be the glue of the family.

They one thing Alison could not control in her life seemed to be her weight. She reported emotional eating and regular yo-yo dieting, loosing and gaining the same 15-20kgs for the last 10 years. Alison was sick of it, so when a friend told her about Access Bars, she came to see me. Alison had never had any energy work i.e. reiki or anything before, but she was willing to try something new, as she could tell that diets weren’t working for her. Alison wanted to finally feel free from thinking about food and feel comfortable in her body!

When Alison arrived for her first appointment, as always for Access Bars, I got her to lie on the bed under a blanket, fully clothed and asked her what she wanted to achieve from the session. I started to run her bars, by gently touching little points or indentations (energy bars) on her head, and Alison started to open up more: She reported comfort eating during work hours as she was so busy and exhausted trying to get through every day, and it was just easy to pick up some convenient takeaway downstairs from her salon. During the session we talked about her own judgements of her body and of judgments she had taken on about her body from her mother – while I continued to run her bars. She often felt she could hear her mother’s comments as she looked at herself in the mirror. At the end of our first session Alison reported she felt a lightness and ease around the topic of her body and weight that she hadn’t experienced before. She came back the next week for a follow up appointment and mentioned that for the first time in her life she hadn’t thought about food the whole time, and had lost 3kg just in that week! She said she seemed to be only eating when she was hungry, instead of eating for pleasure and comfort only. After a couple more sessions Alison had lost another 5 kgs – without ever ‘ trying’ or restricting herself. She simply didn’t think about eating as much, as clearing all of her fixed beliefs around her body and herself had cleared the urge to comfort eat. She felt good within herself therefore no need to seek comfort! 

Alison continues to enjoy monthly Access Bars sessions to keep clearing any emotions and challenging thoughts that come up, and says it’s her favourite day of the month when she comes to see me. Alison now lives a much more relaxed life, worries less about what she looks like and is no longer obsessed with and consumed by food-focused thoughts. I love watching her and her beaming smile come in every time!

If you are interested in Access Consciousness Bars and want to make an appointment or have any questions at all, please get in touch!

Leanne xx