Leanne Rowbottom,

Owner of Revive Holistic Health in Torquay, VIC Surf Coast and Armadale Melbourne, is an experienced holistic practitioner of almost 20 years. Leanne is qualified as a nutritionist (BSc. Nutrition & Food Sci), remedial massage therapist, Access Consciousness Bars facilitator and ESSE body worker, meditation and mindfulness teacher.


Leanne’s Approach: 

Leanne’s empathetic nature and a life long journey of personal development has led to her current pursuit of assisting others on their path to better health and happiness.

Leanne believes all pain and disease in the body manifests from the thoughts. Our point of view creates our reality, so changing our fixed points of view and old subconscious programming can create a whole new healthy reality. Leanne believes that supporting clients via meditation and Access Consciousness to clear negative self talk, body judgement and reprogram subconscious limiting beliefs is the key to greater awareness, making healthier choices, more effective stress management, greater self care, and consequently a life of more ease and joy.

Revive Services:

Besides one on one treatments of remedial massage and Access Consciousness Bars and ESSE, Leanne provides talks on mindfulness, body image and self esteem in schools, and Body Freedom Workshops to groups of women in Torquay, Geelong and Melbourne. These workshops provide the tangible steps and tools required to become free from the battle with your body and food, and finally become the healthiest version of yourself, with total ease and joy. She also runs luxurious Sisterhood Wellness Retreats in Torquay, empowering women towards self compassion, self care, body awareness, intuitive eating, embracing the feminine body and enjoying delicious food.

Leanne also provides corporate services of massage, meditation and mindfulness programs, Access Consciousness and health coaching sessions to businesses around Geelong and Melbourne. She also speaks at national corporate conferences on mindfulness meditation and the proven benefits in the workplace.

Contact Leanne via ph 0410 352 263 or email at leanne@reviveholistichealth.com.au to schedule a no-obligation consultation to see if her services are right for you.

Leanne’s Education:

Leanne believes in lifelong professional development and always strives to include new and proven methods in helping her clients achieve body freedom and a healthy lifestyle. She is one of the first certified ESSE healers in Victoria and has achieved astounding outcomes for her clients with Access Consciousness Bars. Together with her completion of Mindfulness Training for Health Practitioners with Dr. Craig Hassed at the Gawler Foundation, a Diploma of Remedial Massage at Sage Institute of Massage, and her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science from Curtin University in Perth, WA, Leanne provides a thorough and holistic approach to her clients’ wellbeing. She addresses medical history, lifestyle, diet, sleep, hormonal balance, social, subconscious programming, and many other factors that affect overall health and mindset. Leanne continues to provide the best possible service to her clients by expanding her knowledge through ongoing professional education, health research, and daily personal meditations.

 Access Bars/ ESSE

  • Instant Mind Declutter & Stress Relief
  • Dissolve subconscious limiting beliefs and emotional blocks
  • Reach your highest potential & create the life you want


Body Freedom

  • Improve your relationship with food
  • Embrace your body
  • Become FREE from emotional eating
  • Learn intuitive eating
  • Workshops and Retreats
  • Private sessions & Online Course 


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