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I have been offering Access Consciourness Bars sessions In Melbourne and Torquay for 5 years or so now and it is becoming my most powerful and popular service. Lots of locals from Melbourne, Geelong and the beautiful Victorian Surf Coast enjoy this treatment regularly and I would not want to live without it any more myself. Despite it’s popularity, I realise that there are still lots of questions about this energetic technique and I have answered the most frequently asked questions for all of your below.

What are Access Bars?
There are 32 bars (or indentations) on your head which each represent a different aspect of your life.

What is an Access Bar Session?
In an Access Consciousness session, I gently touch the different bars allowing them to release the electromagnetic charge on each bar. It’s kind of like releasing the emotional charge on all of these aspects of your life, along with all the judgements and fixed points of views that keep you stuck, stressed, and not choosing the amazing life you can have.

Why should I have my bars run?
An Access Consciousness Bars session is blissfully relaxing and will provide instant relief from stress and anxiety. At the very least you feel totally relaxed like you’ve had a nice massage, but best case scenario you will experience a huge shift or clearing that creates change for you, for the better. Some people report feeling totally elated and full of energy, or like they’ve had the weight of the world lifted off their shoulders. If you are feeling stuck or at a crossroads in life, it will delete your busy monkey mind, creating a clean slate from which to start creating the life you REALLY want and deserve to live. Having your Bars run opens up your willingness to receive, and the infinite choice and possibility that is available to you, that you were not aware of before.

What exactly happens in an Access Consciousness Bar session, and what do I need to do?
In a 90 min Access Bars session you lie fully clothed on your back on a warm bed, and are gently tucked in under a cosy blanket. You can close your eyes and I will sit at your head while I gently I run your bars. You can either chit chat, or we can address some specific issues using some verbal energetic clearings and processes, or simply let yourself totally let go and fall into a deep meditation. I can also guide you through a complimentary meditation at the start of the session, if you would like extra help letting go or learning how to meditate.

It sounds interesting, does it really work?
I absolutely love Access Bars and I get mine run every week, I can’t live without it now! For me personally it gives me amazing mental clarity and my creativity and work productivity goes through he roof! It takes away any pain in my body, physical exhaustion, helps me sleep well, relieves uncomfortable emotions and confusion, gives me greater self awareness, and also great clarity around big decisions. I always feel light and happy after having my Bars run, like nothing bothers me, and anything I was worried about before now seems insignificant. Sometimes I can’t even remember what it was as it has been totally cleared. Access Bars is so powerful, but do not only take my word for it – follow this link to read some of my client’s feedback after their Bars session.

To book in your session and experience this bliss or if you have any further questions, please contact me on 0410 352 263.

Leanne xx