September 7th | Torquay VIC

Ever dreamed of bouncing out of bed feeling happy in your body, rather than sluggish, berating yourself and vowing to only eat carrot sticks for the rest of the week?  How would it feel to look in the mirror all dressed up and GENUINELY love what you see, WITHOUT picking at all the bits you don’t like? Imagine being able to truly enjoy a day at the beach with family and friends, feeling totally confident and playful and not even thinking about what your body looks like in your bikini? Have you even imagined a life of only body confidence, total relaxation and joy around food, and trusting yourself to allow ALL foods and eat intuitively?

I know it’s sometimes hard to imagine, but ALL of this IS possible, and it IS easier than you think – AND it can happen all without dieting or deprivation, so you can just enjoy your life!!

As an experienced and passionate nutritionist, and after my own battle with disordered eating I not only understand the horrid struggle with sugar cravings, gut health problems, emotional eating and the binge-diet cycle, but I also know how to overcome this and have developed 7 tried and tested Steps that can break this FOR GOOD, and I would love to share them with you.

Knowledge is power! Let me teach you what the multi-billion dollar diet industry doesn’t want you to know, and how to stop unconsciously punishing yourself once and for all. Invest 4 hours your time to understand emotional eating and how to say goodbye to those 3pm sugar cravings for good. Learn the brain science behind destructive eating habits, and that no matter what anyone tells you or what you hear, there is NOTHING wrong with you, you are not broken, and don’t need fixing! I will show you exactly how to recondition your brain to banish these self-sabotaging behaviours, and find freedom with food and your body FOREVER! 

My 7 Steps to Body Freedom are science-based, practical techniques. They have not only been developed from world leading doctors of brain science, but also tried and tested over many years on myself and clients to produce amazing results. Not only did these steps work on myself to result in my own recovery, but have also changed the lives of thousands of others. Through incorporating self-compassion, body awareness and gratitude as well as the 7 Steps, we will work supportively together to find freedom with food and your body forever!

I cannot wait to share this with you!

Much love, Leanne xxx


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